100 submission mark

While some may be laughing at this post and its smallness in a world of giant slush piles and bi-annual publications and quarterlies, I am pleased with this accomplishment. It would be great if we could triple this number, at least, before the end of our submission period on January 15.

Even though January 15 seems so far away, like Jupiter, or the deadline for the third draft of your thesis, or your mother’s birthday, or AWP, it will sneak up on you with a vengenance. Consider getting those submissions in earlier rather than later. The quality of work is getting better with each week, and we want you to be why it is getting better. Check our submit page for more details.


2 responses to “100 submission mark

  1. I tried to make an electronic submission, but am caught in an eternal loop of name and password. Advise.

    • Joe,

      You should click on the genre in which you wish to submit. You will be directed to establish a name and password, and from here, you should be taken to an upload screen where you can title your submission and upload the document. If this does not help, then please email me at owr@uwyo.edu.

      The Editors @ OWR