Monthly Archives: February 2011

reading period closed

For all who have submitted this year, I want to thank you personally. Well, as personal as one can via a blog. We increased our submissions fivefold – thanks, LuLing, for that less verbose phrasing – and we hope to continue increasing our quantity of submissions, and thus the overall competition to be included in the Owen Wister Review. I believe this philosophy will keep the journal at a consistently high level of quality and circulation.

We will be making a few final decisions over the next couple of days. Our anticipated publication date is April 1, if all goes smoothly.  Please do check in periodically with the blog, if you are following at all, because I will be working to maintain interest in the site, even though we will not be reading again until September 1. We will have some witty commentary by the staffers, updates on the publication process,  previews of the art work, sneak peaks at our 2011 contributors, one-sentence reviews of miscellaneous objects (both literary and not), and so on.

–Adam Million

OWR @ AWP 2011

Come by the University of Wyoming’s table, G5, today and tomorrow. I’ve got back issues of the Owen Wister Review and information about the new issue, as well as other fun writing info at Wyoming. And I’m sleepy. Come talk to me.