For the 2014 O.W.R. edition we are encouraging an increased amount of black and white photography, graphic art, and art to compliment our literary entries. We also encourage image entries that require color, but, due to publishing constraints, they will be published in eight-page sections dispersed throughout the magazine. 

You can submit up to 4 pieces of art, in JPEG format, through the O.W.R. submittable account (linked in the submission page) or e-mail:  

Submissions may be made via non-original 35mm slides  Please submit digital files that don’t exceed 1.5 mb per file.  All digital files must be in JPEG format and have at least 300 dpi.  Please include a title for all submissions and include relevant information in regards to original size, medium, etc.

All art will be considered for the forthcoming O.W.R. cover.

The deadline is March 21st and the Review gets published in April.


2 responses to “ART

  1. Hi: I can’t locate the submit form for artwork. I checked the submishmash site and found submissions for Music only. Can you help? Thanks.

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