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  1. To Whom it May Concern:

    This is a true shot in the dark, but I figured it was one worth taking. Is there any chance you are open to accepting submissions now that the Jan. 15 deadline has come and gone?

    Thanks for your consideration, and best of luck with your work on the next edition of the Review.


    Colin Irvine
    Associate Professor
    English Department
    Augsburg College
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    1. Professor Irvine,
      Thanks for your interest and your inquiry!
      Unfortunately we cannot accept submissions past the deadline– but they’ll be opening for 2013 sometime soon!
      Kate Peterson
      Editor, OWR 2012

    2. Colin,

      Thanks for posting. I just found your post. Our new deadline is March 11, so if you submit by then we will be more than willing to consider it.



  2. Hello,
    I had an essay accepted for publication in the upcoming edition of the Review, and I am writing to be sure my contract was received and also to ask how I might go about getting ahold of a copy the Review as soon as it is published. Thanks for your time and best of luck with your work. Colin

  3. Folks — I intended to again submit to the Review, but I don’t see much current in the way of guidelines (or much else). I hope all’s well, but I fear the worst. Please let me know if you’re still active and the problem is my usual social media/technical shortcomings. JV

    1. Hey JV,

      First off, thanks for your continued interest. As the newly-appointed editor, I, and the O.W.R. staff, will be tirelessly updating this site and reading/viewing every submission we receive.

      I’ll have more information on this year’s guidelines in the coming week.

      Looking forward to reading more of your work,

      Jake Chalcraft

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