Submissions for the 2015 issue have been extended to April 15, 2015.

Hello All,

Please send us your short stories, essays, poetry and artwork to be considered for the 2015 print issue! We are extending the deadline to April 15, 2015. Submission guidelines can be found on the submit page. We look forward to reading your work!


Auesta Safi, OWR Editor

Owen Wister Review 2014 Deadline

Just a reminder that we closed submissions for the 2014 edition last night.  On behalf of the O.W.R. staff, I would like to thank all of our contributors for their submissions.  We have some great work in here that will make this edition a standout.  If you didn’t get your submissions in on time, feel free to keep submitting your work for the 2015 edition.


Jake Chalcraft                                                                                                                                     O.W.R. Editor

Owen Wister Review 2014

We are now announcing our submission deadline for the 2014 Owen Wister Review, all submissions must be in by March 21 by midnight. We are looking forward to reading all of your submissions. Good Luck!


Owen Wister Review Staff


2013.  The year of poetry and graphic art.  As mornings grow lighter and our clocks are ready to spring forward and dash ahead into summer the editors at the Owen Wister are looking back on our submissions.  Moving into a new era, the digital age, poetry and graphic art have become popular submission in the time of Twitter, Imgur, and other social media shaping generational tendencies.   Fiction still popular, though, as the power of story remains strong in our western narrative veins—we all have a story, a verbal picture of our existence.  How does the Owen Wister move into the next season, move into the next age of quickisms, and keep true to the idea of the Old West?  What does the frontier mean in a time that is the frontier, the cutting edge?  Thumbing through submissions and reading some of the vivid language and visual images, we realize we are beyond the new frontier and into a new realm of unanswered questions, unwritten stories, and images yet to be portrayed.  And so we capture the year 2013, Wyoming, the west, in the Owen Wister and move beyond the frontier, into places yet to be named.

~ Jen, Assistant Editor

Owen Wister Review for 2012!

The 2013 editors of the Owen Wister Review are happy to announce that the 2012 edition of the review has now been printed and is being sent to accepted contributors. Thank you for your patience while waiting for the 2012 edition to come out! 

that’s right. we tweet.


Have You Submitted?

February is a month full not known for creativity.  The longest, shortest, month on the calendar…February.  This month teaches us to appreciate dreariness, to dwell on the creativity in unhappiness.  Perhaps the long winter has given you the time to hone your art, to finish that short story, to perfect that print you’ve been thinking on since summer, or maybe you can tolerate the ambiguity for an unfinished project.  Submit that project to the Owen Wister Review.  Take a chance this month, and watch in April as your submission grows into something you can hold onto forever with your hands, created by your hands.   Planted in a short month, planted in dreariness and giving sustenance to our readers and artist this spring.

-Jen, assistant editor